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  • Suggestions for Speakers under $200

    Looking for the best speakers for under $200. I'm currently looking for a standard speaker (non-component) that is available in 5.25", or 6x8 (5x7). I've taken a listen to the to the Infinity Reference Series, the Polk DB series. I've also taken a look at the Boston Acoustics, but was not impressed with those. The Infinity didn't sound too bad, I didn't like the Polk DB. I did like the Polk Momo series, though. I don't currently have an amp or sub but would like to add one in the future, which means the speakers will have to sound good by themselves, but would also sound good as part of a bigger system. Suggestions?
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    I like infinity stuff, I always liked the sound of those. Where did you listen to them in a car or in a store display?? I personally don't think you can compare too much from a store display wall. My friend has a pair of infinity 6.25's and the rock, plus I believe you can adjust the tweeters for better staging.


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      I listened to them from the in-store display. I know that a display won't sound the same as in your car, but I doubt very many stores would let you take home their entire lineup of speakers to let you try them out.
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        Why coax?

        A million people can't be wrong, right?

        Well... unless they're all from the red states...


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          I looooove my Kenwoods. They're rockford powered and they sound nice.

          check out for some deals on speakers.
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            I'm a big Infinity guy, the ref will sound ok from a HU, Kappa/perfect will definitly need an amp. Most shops will have them in an enclosure also whcich will sound different from the trunk.Way back when , I had my Kappa 6x9's hooked up to my Pioneer Mosfet deck and they sounded horrible, hooked my alpine v-12 up and they sounded perfect. They are priced somewhat steep so try .
            I have ordered from these guys for years and even had to do an RMA on an amp, unbelieveable prices and nice people.



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              what kind of car do you have? its sounding like you may have a car like a civic, where often times you can expand the size of the holes in the doors for 6.5's rather than 5's.

              furthermore, I wouldnt discount the idea of a component set just yet! you can actualy use plumbers backstrapping ot suspend a tweeter of a component set directly over a midrange, to make a "braxial" set, so to speak, and works wonderfully well!

              you can find aura reference "braxial" speakers used form the audio forums for $200 or less, from or, and others.

              from ebay for less than $200 you cna find JL XR coaxial speakers, about the best I can imagine to enhance low frequency extension under that budget.

              but AT that budget, the best route for you that I cna possibly think of is to go with a koda component set. They do not make a 5.25, nor do they make a coaxial. but they can be found for $200 plus shipping on the forums fairly often, on some rare occasions for less than $200. when a friend of mine was in the market for speakers, we got that set for $190.

              The fact is, you wont find a set that has a better low frequency extension in that price range, nor that quality of sound. the kappas simply cant touch them, much less the reference infinities, MUCH less the kappas! perfects are out of your budget and power hogs. polk? BA? forget about it! all at the cost of maxing out your budget and widening the door for a deeper speaker, of suspending the tweeter over the mid using some backstrapping.

              another way you can suspend the tweeter can be found here to give you another good way to get a free floating tweeter down there.

              those kodas are plenty great off deck power, which is how they are installed in my friends civic hybrid, even better off an amp. just depends how much volume you want, enough, or too much.

              for the rear, I would go again with a set of 6.5's, of the tangband construction. They make a 6x9, I dont know if they make a 5x7, but I dont think they do. You will have to google an online retailer, partsexpress doesnt carry the tangband line above 6.5" in size. again, youd cut your rear deck and add a baffle for the speaker.

              works off deck power, works even louder with an amp. plenty great off deck power.

              and at a price of $40 a piece, its not so bad that you blew most your budget on the fronts!

              I reccommend them so highly due to their insane low frequency response, they surpass the range of a midbass into the realm of upper bass, can hit down in the 60, even 50 Hz range on your filter cutoff. They are absolutley insane, ive played bass test tones in my car with the subwoofers off and only two in my car, and fooled people into thinking the subwoofers were still on. they would make a fantastic compliment to the koda set up front, or indeed any set you choose, even if you decide to go with a set that has zero midbass capabilities, such as the infinity reference set.

              what kind of car, though? we cna best recommend a speaker based on what car you drive.


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                Last time (day before thanksgiving), GoodGuys store (not online), has a "buy one get one free" deal on speaker. I pick up 2 pairs of 6.5" Infinity Kappa series for $149.99 + tax. That is 80 bucks a pair after tax. They sound really gooddddddddddd with my stock Matrix radio. I was going to get the Reference series, but after compairing the 2 series, I went for the Kappa. My friend has a pair of 5.25 Kappa and run with an amplifier, they sound much much better than mine. These speaker must be applified to get the sound out of it.
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                  did you know the harmon kardon demo vehicle was a matrix back in 2002? stuffed it full of jbl and infinity, looked real nice.


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                    Originally posted by WhiteRabbit
                    did you know the harmon kardon demo vehicle was a matrix back in 2002? stuffed it full of jbl and infinity, looked real nice.
                    I have a Ford Mustang, so it uses a 5x6 (6x8) factory mount, but will accomodate a 5.25" speaker. I'll take a look at some of the suggestions made above, and I'll see if they'll fit without serious modification to my car. I could expand the speaker enclosures, but that requires work, and I'm not sure I want to do that much invasive damage to my door panels.
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                      if you do decide to go with a 5x7, steer clear of the JL XR series. front or back, doesnt matter, the midbass capabilities of these speakers is either inadequate to live up to the series, or else the dispersion pattern of the lower frequencies in your specific car sucks for these guys to sound very good. they would be on par with infinity reference or kappa without the harsh tweeter.

                      I dont remember unfortunately how deep your doors are, unfortunately, to be able to difinitively answer how muhc work it would take to cram a 6.5 up front.

                      I do know, however, that the rear deck is a pain in the butt for your car, without doubt.

                      since you are going with a pair of 10's in your trunk, which I also remmeber being a pain in the butt, the best thing I cna reccommend is removing the rear speakers entirely, letting all that nice bass into the cabin through those holes. Like having your seats perpetually folded down!

                      then I would make DANG sure the speakers I got up front had the midbass capabilities to match down to the subwoofers.

                      considering the time effort energy and money you save on the rears, it might be WELL worth the trouble expanding your 5x7 holes in the doors and making a baffle to accomadate a koda 6.5" driver!