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Will this work to prevent pops on start/shutdown?

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  • Will this work to prevent pops on start/shutdown?

    I'm about ready to install my carputer and I was thinking about how I would prevent the pops that people hear on start up and shutdown sometimes.

    From what I gather the pop happens on startup because the amp is turned on before the soundcard is initiated by windows. Thus, the signal that turns the soundcard on is amplified into the speakers from the already active amplifier.

    *The solution to this seems to be to add a relay that delays power delivery to the amp long enough to let the sound card become active first. Buy the appropriate relay... problem solved.

    However, what is not clear to me is why the pop happens on shutdown. Is the goal to get the amp to shutdown before the computer does, or to get the computer to shutdown before the amplifier does?

    *I have a 150W opus and because it has a feature where I can program how long I want it to keep delivering power to the computer before shutdown then I can program it to a time that will allow the amp to power off first and problem solved right?

    Or am I missing something?
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    Did you read this thread:
    Read post#37, that, I think is what we need. The relay wouldn't work for me., E-Cig Mods
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