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    I need to get aux input for my headunit so I'm planning of getting something like this (PIO-CDRB20) - . What I was wondering was whether you have to get that product or can you buy an unofficial item which does the same job but does not cost as much?


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    if you have a cd changer then you can simply wire a relay inline with the 'audio in' wires of the cable. cost is about 20 bucks... i did this with my stock h/u in my corvette.

    pm me if you need further instructions
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      pioneer is the only manufacturer as of 2003 to make an inline unit. that is to say, a unit that you can use as an AUX input device AND daisychain a CD changer on top of it. that is what the CD-RB20 does. Pioneer also makes a CD-RB10 that does not let you daisychain a changer on top.

      the RB10 you CAN find aftermarket units for about half price, little more.

      you can also find schematics online for the third party cdRB10 and build your own. all you need is a P-bus head, a pair of RCA ends, and some wire. if Google wont search out those schematics, certainly has the link and you can search it there.