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Voltage drop using Stinger S1602 Battery Isolator

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  • Voltage drop using Stinger S1602 Battery Isolator

    does anyone have this battery isolator, in any of the current ratings available, by stinger? I am interested if there is a voltage drop on one of the battery ends of this thing. I want a 2v drop on the battery in my trunk, but without too much extra design on my part

    i'll call stinger this week to see if they can provide any useful information

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    so my buddy has one, he claims theres a 1.2v or so drop, and his trunk battery never goes beyond 13.6, even when hitting the gas hard... so this may solve my issue


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      ended up getting a charles marine 1 alt/3 batt isolator, turns out it has a 1 volt drop about

      i had this thought about having two isolators in series, so the battery in the trunk only gets 12v from the alternator, but after further research, the alternator puts out 14+ for a reason thats what it takes to fully and quickly charge a car battery

      so while a real isolator may solve dimming headlights and other nuisances (sp?), thats about all its good for