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Difference between Pioneer and Premier Car Audio Brands?

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  • Difference between Pioneer and Premier Car Audio Brands?

    Okay, I know Pioneer makes Premier. BUT I'm looking at the Pioneer DEH-P8600MP and teh Premier DEH-P860MP - what the hell is the difference between these two head units?

    I did a side-by-side spec comparison on Pioneer's website and found these 4 differences:

    Premier unit has 2 year warranty, 6.5V hig-volt preamp outputs and PRO mode

    Pioneer unit has 1 year warranty, 4V preamp outputs and NO PRO mode.

    The people at crutchfield didn't seem to know. Any other info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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    The Premier division of Pioneer is the high-end division of Pioneer. That's why the Premier has a longer warranty and a higher pre-amp output voltage. It's similar to the Scion-Toyota relationship.


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      wouldnt it be more of what lexus is to toyota?
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        i like to think about things the hard way.