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matching amp with speakers.

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  • matching amp with speakers.

    hi all,
    this may have been addresses before, but i couldn't find the answer, but how do you match speakers with an amp?

    i have to switch out my rear speakers cause they're 2 ohm speakers that came with a factory amp (honda prelude w/ acoustic feedback system). the front speakers are 4 ohm. now with the carputer, the backones are drawing all the power and the sounds is kinda crappy.

    i have a pioneer 400W peak amp (35x4 @4ohm RMS). i'm looking at the infinity kappas (they sound nice compared to others i've heard) but they are 110 RMS and 300W peak. will my amp be powerful enough for them and the stock front ones? Or should i get something with a lower RMS rating? if so any suggestions?
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    Speakers with lower RMS ratings usually have higher sensitivity ratings, but only by one decibel or two. If you install those Kappas, the front speakers may sound louder than the kappas at the same volume because of the sensitivity rating. In general, you should not mix and match your rear and front speakers. Differences in materials used will be evident in the way the highs, mids and lows are reproduced and your soundstage will be fudged up.


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      im with Weside you at least want to stay in the same family of speakers. also NEVER look at peak power. your 100w*4 max amp will probbly never put out more than 60w. also it should have gain for front and rear, just turn the gain down for the back.
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