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  • Digital to Analog Converter

    My microATX board has SPDIF on it and I would like to take advantage of it in my setup. I would like to run a digital cable up from my PC in the trunk to my headunit and then convert it to analog for the last little inch of the way before going into my headunit. This way I wouldn't have to worry much about being super careful routing the audio cables up to the front and also in the future I might be able to go 100% digital if they come out with some affordable HU with digital in. (I haven't looked into that but since it doesn't look like there are many amps with digital in I didn't figure there would be a HU, is there?) The only thing is I can't seem to find any digital to analog converters. You'd think there would be so people who are pretty much all digital freaks would be able to hook up older components. Do any of you know of a digital to analog converter? Thanks.
    '99 Accord LX
    Pics of CarPC Setup