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stock ford windstar amplifier?

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  • stock ford windstar amplifier?

    just wondering if anyone has dealt with the audio systems of a ford windstar before and can clarify this for me. while doing some unrelated searching on ebay the other day, i noticed someone had a listing for a stock '95 ford windstar amplifier. and its got to be stock since its not polished or has any funky designs like commen after market amps. and its not the actual headunit either from looking at the picture.

    but what im wondering is if its even remotely possible that our '96 windstar has this same amplifier in it seperate from the HU. becuase if so, this would completely throw my carpc amplifier problems out the window.
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    call ford and talk to a guy in parts dept..have him look up a amp for a '95, and when he gets you the number, write it down, and then say "oops, mine is a 96, sorry" and get that number. see if they are the same.

    caution though....may or may not just "plug in" and work. Ford doesnt always installl all the same wiring in different trim levels, so if the car didnt come with an amp, it may not have the wiring either.
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      i just found a better picture of it which also shows the connections. the guy with the ebay listing listed the product number and it resulted in this from google.

      also, i was doing some more looking and theres also a wiring harness available which apparently allows an application like a carputer to be used with the stock amp:

      now only thing left to do is to actually see if this amp is in our windstar or not. according to the ebay listing its located behind the glovebox so it shouldnt be too hard to locate.
      Your everyday carpc geek and tech guru at your service. *bow*