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    Don't flame me. I have a Sound Blaster audigy 2. It has three line outs. Which do I use to put into my audio input device and then into my headunit. I did see the diagram that was kindly provided as a sticky, but I am still unclear. Thanks for your help.

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    well what are you connecting it too? 2 channel? 4 channel? 5 channel or more?

    Front line out is the normal steroe

    Rear is the rear stereo

    third had the centre and subwoofer

    IDepending on what you are connecting too you need to change the outputs fromt he soundcard.

    EG 2 channel amp: use 2 channel stereo mode and jsut connect the front stereo connectors.


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      If you're just going to do stereo, use the green (front left and front right) connection.

      Configure your software accordingly (2 speaker setup).

      Edit: oops, beaten bij scouse
      List of front-ends/usefull apps
      XTroniC | XTroniC Direct


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        I am using four speakers and a sub in my car. I am also using a PAC-AANIS audio input device that hooks up into my SAT auxillary port in the back of my head unit. It has two rca jacks. I am getting sound, but it is terribly muffled and terrible feedback is in the speakers. HELP!!!


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          I am wondering this as well. Looking at buying an Audigy NX. You have one Aux in at the HU but 3 outs on the Audigy, how can you hook the 3 (front/rear/sub) connections to one Aux in? or is it even possible?
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