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  • alternator whine

    Hi, I just got rid of all my noise through the speakers on my carputer by grounding the PS and the MB to the same spot. FANTASTIC!!! But now I have a whine that when I accelerate gets pretty loud. Could someone give me a checklist on what to do. Thanks for the help.

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    are your grounds at the same point for everything?

    what type of eq, preamp, etc. are you using? just try and ground everything at the same point if possible...and make sure it's a good ground, no paint between the ground the the point where you think you are grounding, etc...
    Jan Bennett
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      You can try running the audio cables and power wires farther apart. Made a very noticable difference to mine. And if you have excess wire, don't coil it next to anything noisy (like the psu, pc, stock radio, etc).


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        I had the same issue when I completed install of all of my components (amps, pc, new HU). I didn't feel like ripping apart the inside of my truck again to re-route the audio wires on the opposite side of the power wire so I went to one of the local car audio shops and picked up a "noise filter" for $13.
        If you decide to try this, ask them if they have an open one to test with, that way, you don't have to waste 13 dollars on something you don't need.
        Hope that helps.