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  • Simple Sound Card

    Any one know of a simple sound car that has 4 RCA outs?

    M-Audio has 2 Rca's but I just was simple front staged sound in my rig.

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    if there is a card out there that does that and doesn't cost a fortune, I want to know about it! so I'll subscribe to this thread....=]
    Jan Bennett
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      Maya44 MkII

      What is "simple" or a "fortune"??

      The Maya44 MkII is probably as close as your going to get. Its a great 24/96 sound card, it doesn't have 4 RCA outs, instead on-card it has (2) 1/4" stereo inputs and (2) 1/4" stereo outputs, giving you a full 4 IN/4 OUT on card. As bonus it also has SPDIF Coax & Toslink outputs. I guess the MkII also has an optional daughter board for SPDIF Inputs, which is something my MkI version didn't support I believe.

      You can purchase 1/4" Stereo to dual RCA cables at big music store that handles pro audio gear.

      At a buck-ten its a pretty good deal I think . . . .


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        what about this???

        Can this be down mixed to just front readr and sub??? if so this is just what i have been looking for.