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'95 windstar amplifier wiring question

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  • '95 windstar amplifier wiring question

    ok. i just got the amplifier ive been looking for in the mail today. its an OEM amp from a '95 windstar. got it off ebay for $25 shipped (better than $200+ from the dealership ). anywho, through some extensive google searching, ive been unable to find a wiring diagaram of the one plug on the amp. so far ive been following this page extensively for help on the amp situation, but none of the plugs look right. here is my 1337 mspaint rendition of the plug

    there is only one other plug on the amp, but that is the square plug for the audio input (as noted on the page linked to earlier).
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    anyone? ill probably end up looking again over the weekend and see if the same connector is already there. if so, i wont have much to worry about (ill still need access to wires like remote turn on, amp turn on, etc.. unless they are activated solely by ignition status). but if anyone else here even has a small clue, speak up or forever hold your peace

    but so far the one thing that is confusing me is that every amplifier integration harness ive come across doesnt have any connector that looks even remotely similar to the one posted above. and i dont wanna end up buying a harness and find out it doesnt work with this amplifier and be out $20-ish (thats alot for me and my budget. )
    Your everyday carpc geek and tech guru at your service. *bow*