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2 channel - 4 channel, watts?

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  • 2 channel - 4 channel, watts?

    Hey all, im pretty new to all this, but i want my system to sound kick ***!
    Now, i want to know the difference between 2 channel and 4 channel amps?
    and when looking for speakers or subwoofers do i need to look that theu suit 2 or 4 channel amps? Sorry if this is a odd question, im just confused!

    Another... The watts on an amp, what do they mean? i thought they meant the more watts the more power you can pump out, is that right? what are the advantages of more watts? and same question as top, do i need to look for anything to do with watts when purchasing speakers and a subwoofer to go along with my amp.


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    watts is a unit of power, 2 channel means you have 2 channels, ie 2 rca ins and 2 speaker outs (for left/right) 4 channel obviously means 4 inputs and 4 outputs, its possible to run 2 speakers off one channel, its also possible to run 2 channels off 1 input. for subwoofers you can use a mono amp (one channel) or bridge (on a bridgable amp) 2 channels together.

    you obviously need to do a lot of research on this to get you started learn these things before you start installing a car stereo

    what watts means
    what channels are
    (these 2 should be covered now)
    what speaker impedences mean
    what bridging amps is about
    also look into class D sub amps if you really want a kickass system

    edit: and its very important you understand the differance between Peak and RMS watts
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      So basiclly 2 channel means i can have a maximum of 4 speakers connected to that amp, and 4 channel means 8 speakers?

      What i didnt understand about your post:

      what are "rca ins"?



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        well actually 2 channel means the amp can amplify 2 different signals, 4 channel means you can amplify 4 different signals, the amount of speakers you can connect to has to do with the impedence it can cope with, if you connect 2 4 ohm speakers in parallel you are effectivly running at 2 ohms so this combination is alrite on a 2 ohm stable amp (or a 1 ohm stable amp) but not a 4 ohm stable amp, if you dont want to worry about this too much use 1 channel per speaker and you should be sweet

        rca is the input plug to the amp, it is for the line level that comes out of your headunit (or carputer)
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          If you go for a 5 channel amp, you should be able from a single left and right output (sound out of motherboard) going into the amp, and the amp split it into

          front left & right
          rear left & right

          Most amps have a little pot you can turn also that would enable you to set the correct balance between front and rear speakers... and also how much sub is on
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            Ah great thanks CdRskuLL, i will spend some time looking up this stuff, but mostly what im interested in is how i am going to setup my car audio with my carputer and have the best sound.

            What would be great is if there were some diagrams, or someone elses setup to let me get some kind of thought of how im going to do mine.



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              yeah - I say you need to spend a LOT of time looking stuff up based on teh types of questions you are asking....

              this isn't exactly something you just randomly pick out for your need to match your amps and speakers and your air space, etc....

              have you read the stickeys at the top of the car stereo and newbe forums?
              Jan Bennett
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              Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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                Yeah defo agree with Red_GTi, its a massive subject.. and really only limited to your pocket! I would prob start on looking at whats going to feed the amp first, are you going to use the soundcard on the motherboard, or opt for a audigy or something.. I myself am just using the soundcard off my M1000 and am very happy with the quality. You could always start with the onboard sound card and if your not happy move up. Then you are best working backwards then.. Choose the speakers next, making sure there the right size for where there going, and a nice balance... the guys at the stereo shop are always keen to help here. Might as well use em as thats what they do. Then once you know what your input is going to be and you have your output (speakers) then it should make it choosing a amp a bit easier.
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                  CdRsKuLL. Quick question.. (I also have an M1000)

                  Out the back of your M1000 did you use a 1.5mm -> RCA adapter for the Audio out?

                  Second - did you hook this up to an amp?

                  My problem is.. I've got an amp but it only feeds subs (it's going in my GF's car, not mine) and i'm wondering what I need to be looking for in an amp to supply ALL my speakers w/ sound.. because with a 1.5mm(headphone) -> RCA out ALL of my sound will be going through an amplifier.

                  I need something (amp) to feed all of my speakers, not just a sub...
                  I'm not using a head unit - just a computer.. Wiring the ***** up to an existing CD player kind of defeats the main purpose of installing a carputer.



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                    someone mentioned getting a 5 chennel amp to power everything...
                    well could someone briefly look over this and tell me what you think...




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                      that amp looks ok.. Kedaeus Sendre, have a look at my install I'm running a 5ch amp click below in my sign
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                        Thanks alot, i dont see any details about your amp in your post, but 800w kenwood 5ch, how much was it? and sorry but can u tell me anything wrong with the one i posted to look at, like will it work for my car, i want front left right, back left right, and a big *** sub.

                        thanks a lot mate


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                          oh god NO!!!!

                          Boss is one of the ****tiest amplifiers out there - hands down, complete crap...period, no other way of looking at it

                          American Boss is one of the leaders in car audio entertainment systems, bringing consumers the highest quality products choosing from amplifiers, car cd players, speakers, subwoofers, visual systems and accessories.

                          American Boss focuses on developing the best price and performance in our products, and introducing a forward - looking line of home entertainment.
                          Home entertainment?

                          They don't give you ANY specs on that amp, the power ratings that they give aren't backed up by ANYTHING, no fuse ratings, no THD ratings, NOTHING!

                          I would get about as far away from that amplifier as possible....

                          I know you want cheap, but keep in mind that you REALLY do get what you pay for in car audio, if the power ratings seem great for the price there is a reason...BECAUSE THEY ARE A LIE!

                          Car audio doesa't have a controlling body that regulates what these people say

                          That thing only has 60 amps for fuse according to the pictures...that no where near enough to push the kind of power they are claiming..

                          fidn the home page for American Boss and find that amp, look for other ratings, if they don't give them to you be very scared of that amplifier....

                          You would be better of buying a bucket to **** in, especially for what comes out to be about $240 USD....

                          if you are looking for a good 5 channel, I have one sitting herem it's a $1000 amplifier, willing to sell for $450 + shipping....

                          but I know you are in Australia....
                          Jan Bennett
                          FS: VW MKIV Bezel for 8" Lilliput - 95% Finished

                          Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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                            Thanks alot i will stay away from it.
                            basiclly ive got about $1000 to spend on audio in my car, e.g speakers, sub, amp, HU.
                            and well i just figured id buy a 5 channel so i dont get confused.

                            yer i like yours, but i think it would be stupid to ship it to Australia.
                            btw on your how do i tell its 5channel? it doesnt say it in the description.

                            Ive got another question:
                            What are tweeters?
                            Are they like mini surround speakers or what?

                            Well if anyone has any suggestions for my amp please post!
                            Even if its sold in America, i can at least check around local stores seeing if they have that model or can order it... and it would be cool to see what people with 5 channel amps are using..?

                            thanks a lot.


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                              check this out, great dealer.

                              Alpine v12 5 ch, brand new $266.00. I think even red_gti will agree that this is a great deal for the money. I'm running some alpines and they sound great matched up with infinities.