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  • Total Frikin n00b here

    Hi... n00b to carputer, but systems engineer, so I can finger stuff out pretty well on my own.

    However, on to my divisive and subjective question.

    The carputer I am about to start out with is loaded with MediaCar. I understand development has ceased, so in its place I am likely to go with Road Runner. I decided to install a carputer because I like toys, and I will actually use this for business purposes. My car is my office, so I can track what I need and store my daily information on a USB drive or what have you.

    Unlike many of you, I listen to the radio alot (as opposed to mp3s and the like) and will miss that immediately (I have to remove my factory HU in my 01 325ci). I am interested in using a USB FM receiver, but without any experience, I am at a bit of a loss.

    Before you say it... yes... I did search, and there is plenty about "use a USB FM receiver", but nothing really specific.

    I was sort of thinking of using a Hauppauge WinTV-USB-FM but.....

    I am interested in opinions, specifically with Road Runner. What is the interface like etc.

    Your help and input will be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    There's a guy who mounted his stock radio BEHIND the LCD and when you pushed the LCD in, the radio area was exposed. I think this would be perfect for you.

    The good radio is still under development
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      Try the Griffin Radioshark. It has an external antennae plug on it.

      Or go with XM. Not sure if you want local radio stations or not.

      For my rig, I have a stock head unit and full FM/AM. I switch to aux inputs for the carputer. Works fine and best of both worlds unless you're really picky about your audio.
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        ya know, I havent had a radio in my car in 18 months or so, but when I went home last weekend and drove my mother's car around, there wasnt anything playing on any station that I didn't already have.

        Unless you are talking about talk radio......
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          Well.... This site rocks.... 3 replies in 10 minutes... that has to be some kind of record. Thanks everyone... I was thinking of leaving the stock H/U connected. I don't know if this is possible, and I would like control of the radio through the front end. I don't really care if the performance is all that great as i usually use the radio for listening to the weather forcast or local news. If I want quality audio... I bet you can guess what I am about to say.

          Mostly I want FM for local stuff. I'll be happy to wait for some better technology when it arrives (I saw the thread in progress), but until then, I want something that works. I did see the radioshark, but I have a convertible and the antenna might pose a problem for me.