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    I've had a history of problems with this Aiwa CD receiver on my car, its a 65 Mustang so the audio wiring setup is somewhat mickey-moused. I don't know much about car electronics at all, and I'm hoping to field some insight into what could be the matter here. I'm planning on trashing the Aiwa for perhaps a Pioneer or Kenwood, that's not my issue here..

    The problem i've been cringing at for the last few years is the crackling and popping of my kick panel speakers, Pioneer TS-A1661 160 watt 4 Ohms. I've taken them out of the car and examined closely the wires that rise through small holes in the drivers, and they seem to be frayed. I tried several ways of stabilizing them, using electrical tape, zip ties, and even heat-shrink tubing.. still having the problem and it's such a pain to have to readjust the bass settings on the 180-watt head unit for the heavy types of music I drive to.

    Any help here is greatly appreciated and would save me much frustration.
    feel free to email any suggestions to [email protected]

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    can u provide a picture of the speaker to better illustrate whats wrong with it? maybe from there we can help
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      putting anythign on the speaker leads if it's on a part where they move is likely causing more porblems than you're solving, Unfortunately if they're damaged, repairing them isn't allthat easy, you're probobally better off just getting new speakers.

      And by the way, 180w is one of those BS ratings that they use to try to sell stereos. Legitimate output on ANY aftermarket deck (short of an Alpine V-drive, or the new digital panasonics) is realistically inthe 10-15wRMS per channel range. I promise you that the only way your headunit is punishing your speakers (short of turnig it up to the point of distortion) is with the aweful sound of aiwa music.

      Unfortunately, there's lkely no cheap-fix unless you consider the $50-100 you can get an acceptable pair of new speakers for cheap.
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        I'll agree on the lack of quality that the Aiwa's are known for...

        and on the BS wattage rating that they seem to fool every one with (not just Aiwa - all car stereo companies do that)

        sounds like your speakers are just toast...

        honnestly, for sucha a cheap sset of speakers, it's not worth the time or money to try and fix them, just go buy a new set...
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          unfortunately i have no idea how to put the pictures i had taken into this damn code. anyone help?


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            upload them....

            go to "Go Advanced" then look for the "Manage Attachments" buttons. Upload your pictures, just make sure that they are the right size...

            either that or if you have them online somewhere just use this:

            Jan Bennett
            FS: VW MKIV Bezel for 8" Lilliput - 95% Finished

            Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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                wow its' been awhile since I checked this thread out, surprised its still even open.
                I never got around that problem originally, so I swapped in some home theater satellite speakers, and they worked great.

                My dad's got the car now, since I drive something more practical now, and he'll be doing a nice restoration job on whatever needs to be fixed or replaced in that baby.