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Dreaded Delco/Bose splicing Question

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  • Dreaded Delco/Bose splicing Question

    Hi everyone, First off just like to say you guys have a great forum and I have been reading some posts and some of this is way over my head. I was reading the post on FM Transmitters and couldn't keep up.

    I have a 2002 Grand Prix with the "dreaded" Delco/Bose sound system and On-Star enabled. I have been all over the net researching this thing and can't believe the hoops I have to jump through just to get a new head unit in there. I bought a Sony and already had to take that back after finding out the Infared won't work with my sterring wheel controls. I deal with that later.

    Anywho I was wondering IS IT POSSIBLE to just take an MP3 player and splice right into the harness in the back of the unit? I know which wires are for the speakers thanks to a diagram I got off PAC-Audio's website. Just take a 1/8'' stereo headphone extender cable cut the end off and splice it right too the speaker leads in the back of the factory head unit. Turn off the car stereo turn on the MP3 player and use the volume on the player to listen to it through the speakers. Its ghetto I know, but I have tried the FM Transmitters and living around Chicago the frequencies they use leave me nothing but static. BEAM-IT, Monster tried them both.

    I read about the Farenheit FMT-3 transmitter on this website but I can't find any info on it anywhere. I know where to buy it but how does it hook up and operate?

    Thanks for any help you can give me!

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    "Well, I would love to tell you your idea would work so that when you do it, you come back telling us how when you turn you mp3 player all the way up, you can barely hear it out of the car speakers......but......."

    Well Crap! Alright how bout hacking in through the amp in the trunk?

    Thanks for not making me think that it would work. Which is the reason I decided to pose the question here first.

    Those cd's that have the wire attached to them gives me an idea. I'm pretty good at microsoldering (hell I ran an overide past a blown capacitor in my DLink router and it still is running fine) and since I have already taken the Delco apart (To replace the light for the lcd) I wonder if I can tap into the wire that runs from the cd player to the logic board. Its the only wire that is connected to the cd player. Nah that probably won't work as there would have to be a CD in it to send a signal down the wire. Or maybe it would as the mp3 player would send the signal. Just take the wire (plug) off the CD player and use that. The question is what or which wires do I tap into? They both run off DC and the CD player has to have line in and line out. Maybe a little trial and error here would payoff, and the CD player has been giving the E20 error so it doesn't even work. I want to replace the whole unit anyway. I just wish I had a schematic of the radio or I'd tap into the damn board itself. Lets see alls that is needed is a six pack of MGD so if I blow it up I can have a good laugh.

    I think I'll wait till I get all the parts for the new HU and see if my idea works. Any thoughts from anyone as to why this won't work would be appreciated.

    Thanks for the reply Josh, and no the Delco doesn't have any other inputs on the back. I wish it did my life would be easier at this point.


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      i have bose in my escalade...i love bose its awesome for stock sound! anyway post some pictures of the back of the radio..i might have a part that will work perfect for you, and i am in the chicago area so you can pick it up and save on me or post pics of the back of the radio!
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        Thanks for the help EsKaLad but I already put it back in the dash. I can tell you it has the 21pin plug and a 7pin plug to the left of it, then the antenna.

        I can tell you it looks just like this one:

        If that link doesn't work try this link and click on Bulletin 1:

        This is for the 21 pin connector which I believe runs everything but the steering wheel controls. The steering wheel controls would be the 7 pin plug next to it. I think!

        Where did you get the plug your talking about? Maybe I can go by a shop and pick one up and give that a try.


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          This might help you with putting in an aftermarket HU in with your bose system...