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removing part of dustcap in speakers

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  • removing part of dustcap in speakers

    In our boat we have 4 speakers, 2 in front with grills that stick out and 2 inback with grills that are flat over the edge of the speaker. on the speakers they have the cone shaped things on the dustcap(sorry dont know the name) well when i turn it up loud the "things" hit the grills and make a loud annoying click noise. I was wondering if i could just trim down this part of the speaker so that it wouldn't hit the grill?

    sorry that this is sort of the wrong forum.

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      i know what u talkin bout :-D i removed my subwoofer dustcap (thas what u call it lol) when i accidently hit it with a screwdriver and made a hole in it... but basicly i believe it effects the sound in the music if u remove it but maybe it wont u can try or the other thing u can do is buy bigger grilles or get spacers so when u screw the grille back on u got SPEAKER - SPACER - GRILLE - SCREW spacer as in a washer or something hope it helped ! good luck!


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        nope. if you put a hole in the dustcap, the t/s params of the speaker will change, but most importantly less air is drawn through the ventpole to cool the voice coil. itll kill your thermal power handling.

        spacers are the way to go, for sure


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          What you are talking about is commonly found on cheaper speakers, it is called a weezer cone. It looks like a inverted cone glued to the center of the speaker and is used to produce the high frequencies. You could trim it but I bet the speakers will sound even worse, try trimming down the grill first.


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            i cant exactly trim down the grill i guess i'll just have to see if i can make the sound more to the front speakers