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need help deciding wether or not to upgrade HU, more info within

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  • need help deciding wether or not to upgrade HU, more info within

    I have a 2004 cavalier.

    in my dash, I have either double din or din and a half size for my stock radio, then under that is another din size where the HVAC controls are.

    I NEED a way to get aux inputs to my system. I tried a hard wired FM Modulator ... boy oh boy that was craptastic. glad I was able to return it!

    anyway, I was thinking of getting rid of the stock head unit, getting another 1 din head unit and put it where the HVAC controls are ... and put the HVAC in the center console.

    and i'm going to flush mount a 5" LCD screen (with slim slot loading dvdrom) where the original radio was.

    here's an example:

    Here's my question:
    is it justifyable to get a new headunit? I'm looking at getting the audiobahn a1250n for $135 ... it seems really amazing to me. it's got a usb port on the front so you can plug a thumbdrive or whatever and play mp3's off of it..

    I just don't know what i would use the headunit for besides it's aux inputs for the car PC. I will be using the carpc's dvdrom drive for CD's DVD's etc... so I wouldn't really ever use the new headunit ... just for looks i guess..

    thanks for any thoughts or suggestions!