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cheap D->A converters/processors?

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  • cheap D->A converters/processors?

    I am considering an MSI RS480m-IL (Radeon Express 200) board because it has almost everything that I want (onboard video and audio in a small package and socket 939.) I will first see if im happy with the analog output from the sound, but if im not i would consider a cheap (up to the $150 ballpark) D/A converter or processor and run off the digital output. Does anyone know if they are available at this price...i don't need THX, DTS, or 6.1/7.1....just a good clean 4 channel signal..maybe 4.1. It would also be nice to be able to balance/fade from the drivers seat. Thanks for any input or links you may have.


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    this is the only thing i could find so far. That was after like 5 minutes of searching. Try doing a google search for this. I know google turns up a lot of **** but im sure you can find exactly what you want