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Delco units with CD changer input

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  • Delco units with CD changer input

    Hi guys,

    I've got a 1999 Buick Regal with the CD/Tape deck from the factory. The only problem I have with it is that there are no external inputs. I have my car computer that I currently use an FM Modulator to get the sound into it, and that's really... sub optimal.

    I understand that there was an option from the factory to get the car with a CD changer (or pre-wired for a cd changer, at least). If I had a deck with a CD changer input, I could use one of the adapters from PIE to make an RCA in. Any idea what to look for on eBay to get a deck that will use the factory wiring harness (so I keep my steering wheel controls, etc) for cheap?

    I don't want to replace it with some aftermarket deck and use the infrared hack to make the steering wheel controls work, either.

    The stereo I have now looks like this guy:
    Chrysler 300 - Fabricating

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    Ok, I'm guessing that's a... no?
    Chrysler 300 - Fabricating


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      I have your answer....


      I know this isn't really computer related, but, it is input related. First of all, the single 32-pin plug port in the back of Buick and Oldsmobile radios from the mid 90's to 2001 are actually the 21 pin mini-plug and 9 pin aux port all in one. You can find the pinouts for it on All you have to do is basically add the 9 pin port by one of 2 ways. Purchasing an adapter with it, or, finding the port cable for a sunbird , and moving the pins. I hope this is the answer you were looking for.