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EMU 0404 or M Audio Audiophile 192 > Looking for SQ competitors opinoins plz

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  • EMU 0404 or M Audio Audiophile 192 > Looking for SQ competitors opinoins plz

    First off im not an SQ competitor but i am thinking about it. Going for SPL keeps getting me noise ordinance violations. Cant keep from turning it up when im not supposed to. I mean you cant let a poser pull up next to you without completely blowing him away. Sorry i rambled

    Anyways i was looking at the EMU 0404 2220

    It has 2 sets of balanced RCA's on it that would make building a sound system a lot easier and help it sound cleaner.

    I also looked at the M Audio Audiophile 192 for the same reasons.

    Since i have never competed in SQ i was hoping to get some opinoins of those who have regarding these two products. Or if im completely out of my mind and should be looking at something else totally different. Any comments you guys could give would be greatly appreciated. thanks a ton in advance

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    Maybe if I bump this, it'll get noticed..

    I am asking myself the same question. Both the E-MU 0404 and M-Audio cards seem to be held in high regard (at least higher than the baseline SB cards), and I'm wondering if there's any opinions that expressly lean toward one card over the other, as I'm spending a bundle on my speakers and amps to have good sound.

    If not, I'll just go with whatever's cheaper, as they all seem to be pretty good cards.

    Edit: I'm also considering the MAYA 44 MKII. Going by eBay, the Maya and E-MU are comparatively priced and rare, while the M-Audio is lower-priced and plentiful.


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      The competitor's opinion will tell you you can run a $100 radio or even your stock radio and still win in competition (this has even been done.) To be able to do well for SQ competition reqires more work on wiring/install and the audio portion must be done than sourcework. fact is, phase is more important than source.

      So from the SQ competitor's perspective, either will do you great. As long as your attention to detail in the physical install is paramount.


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        did you see post regarding onkyo sound card??? it is 200$


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          yeah i saw the onkyo cards but the website wasnt in english so i couldnt read anything about them. And i couldnt find any reviews on them yet. If you got more info please share id like to learn more about them. Im sure if its by onkyo its a great card but id really like to see specifics

          WhiteRabbit: thanks for the info. I kinda figured the install was more important than the source. But i also beleive in overkill. So i was thinking a great sound card would be a good way to insure you are getting a good signal to all the peices i spend pain stakingly installing.


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            what other specs are you looking for ???


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              Thanks CL that pretty much somes it up for me. I dont see why anyone wouldnt get this card. Just looking at the pic of it should say "im a beefy bastard and you should buy me."

              The only thing i dont like is it only having one RCA out on it. The other two cards ive been looking at both have 2. But then againg M Audio and Creative dont have the reputation that Onkyo has for great high end audio equipment.

              I think i will get the onkyo