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1992 Becker Mexico 2000 as mpg 3 player?

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  • 1992 Becker Mexico 2000 as mpg 3 player?


    I have a Becker Mexico 2000 (BE1431) in a recent acquired 1992 Mercedes SL; there is the radio in the dash board and a unit in the trunk. The unit in the trunk has a DIN plug for (I believe) a BE0980 CD changer and the radio in the dash the same DIN plug, I suppose in order to get the CD interface?

    I believe the car is equipped with a BOSE option, but is not quite sure what it consist of (Loudspeakers? Amplifier(haven't found it)?). On the radio there is also an (occupied) 2 pin plug for "Control output for automatic antenna and sound amplifier" - i don't know about the "sound amplifier" but the automatic antenna works.

    As I don't have the CD changer, and are a bit reluctant to fit one due to the space it requires, my question is: Can I fit in an mpeg 3 player somewhere and listen to it via the cars loudspeakers and even better have it amplified by the Becker radio / amplifier?

    I have tried a Digisette Duo-Aria cassette deck shaped mpeg 3 player which is supposed to work in a cassette player, but it doesn't in the Becker. (

    I wish to keep the car 100% original and thus keep the Becker in it.

    Any advice would be much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

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    The ideal solution would be to make a cable with the DIN plug in one end and a 1/8" stereo phone jack in the other end. Then I could connect a mp3 player, CD player or my PocketPC for navigation in the stereo phone jack? Would that be possible?


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      After doing a little more research it might be more to simple to use a FM Car Audio Modulator?