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Lilliput speaker as center channel?

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  • Lilliput speaker as center channel?

    I need something close to 2 inches to use as a center channel speaker (its going in where my air vent is....)

    i'm just wondering if that speaker on the bak of the lilliput would be worth using? (32 ohm at 1 watt hahahaah)

    and if not... does anyone know if there is such thing is a 2 inch speaker i can use for a center channel? Or something close to 2 inches..

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    get a real speaker and put it behind the dash and turn up the gain on the center channel you'll never notice the difference
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      i want to do a center channel for front passenger and driver and also rear passenger and driver im not sure what to use lol i got some old polk audio hp speakers laying around shud i hack those up ?


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        well i've got these blaupunkts.. 3.5 inches... but theyre too big to fit into my air vents... and i don't think just placing them behind the dash (at least without a hole cut) will sound too great... any other ideas?