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6"x9" vs. 6 1/2" and some other info needed. (Speakers)

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  • 6"x9" vs. 6 1/2" and some other info needed. (Speakers)

    I'm ordered my Pioneer 3700MP head unit today. I will be ordering some speakers to go along with the new HU soon. I've been reading up on it. I don't have a huge budget here, so I really don't wanna fork out the money for an amp and sub, just spend money on some nice rear deck and front door speakers.

    I'm looking for some speakers with a punchy, fairly hard-hitting bass (as much as I'm going to get w/coaxial speakers).

    I've already determined 2-way is the way to go. My plan as it is right now is to cut some new speaker holes in the back of my mirage so I can put some 6x9's in there, already measured it out, have plans in my head already for doing it.

    I have now also read a few times as far as sound quality goes 6 1/2's are the better way to go because of their round shape, rather than the 6x9's. Will this be much of a noticable factor ? Is it pretty much so a battle of Sound Quality in the 6.5's vs. the Bass Response of the 6x9's and which is more important ?

    My main question is if I do go with the 6x9's are their sound quality actually 'bad' or just not as 'good' as the 6 1/2's ? My next question now is to reccomend some 6x9's for me. I have about a $100-$120 budget for 1 pair for the back.

    These are some of the ones I'm looking at:
    Rockford Fosgate Punch FRC4369 (3-Way) - These seem really nice.
    Kenwood KFC-6959ie
    Kenwood KFC-6969ie (3-Way)
    Pioneer REV TS-D691R

    6 1/2:
    Kicker KS60
    Rockford Fosgate Power T162C

    My next wad of cash I'll be worrying about the front door speakers more. I'll be going 5 1/4's for those though.
    - BeeZm
    2000 Mitsubishi Mirage 1.8L DE Sedan

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    Those are some typical 6 1/2 speakers for affordable car audio. Not coaxil, but if you were planning on making a bigger hole for a 6x9 speaker, I am sure you would be able to mount a tweeter. I have a set for my rear, but not installed yet (most the time they will be turned off anyway).

    As for 6x9s, My brother had some Kenwood Excelon ones, and they sounded pretty good. Dont expect any of them to give you "bass" though, or you will be let down. Also, if you want a little extra bass, make a sealed enclosure for the speakers so they dont cancel themselves out.

    I would go with whatever size is normally in the back though, because cutting is no fun.

    But to answer your question, I really doubt 99% of people could tell the difference between equivalent 6x9 and round speakers with the same surface area and xmax and all other properties.



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      well i just know that every pair of 6x9's ive heard werent very clean. They had a little bass but the response on them sucked. If you want a nice set of 6.5 inch drivers for the rear deck look at www.elemental You dont need a tweeter in the rear anyways. I would get a nice set of 6.5 components in the front though. Elemental designs has a component set for $150 and for the pair of 6.5 drivers it would cost about $110. So your looking at $260 with free shipping for a kick *** set of 4 speakers.

      just my opinoin


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        Alright thanks guys. I have a few questions about these component speaker kits. How much different are they to install ? Such as what other additional wiring, etc. will have to be done rather than just hooking up some normal speakers ? Do I need an amp or what ?

        Also (This is going to sound like such a generic/dumb question)... will they produce a reasonable amount of bass ? Like I said above, not really wanting to spend the money on an amp and sub setup, may get an amp eventually, but not anytime soon really.

        And in your guys' opinions the 6x9's aren't going to much better than the 6.5's really? Or at least not very noticable.

        - BeeZm
        2000 Mitsubishi Mirage 1.8L DE Sedan


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          With components its not much harder to wire them in at all. The only thing extra needed is to find a place to mount the Tweeters. They usually come with 3 different setups to mount them. And then finding a place to secure the crossover to and run 2 wires to the tweeter. It will look a whole lot harder than it really is. And i think you will thank yourself later for doing components. If nothing else the learning experience from it.

          Like someone mentioned earlier the best way to get some bass out of some 6.5s is to build them in an enclosure. That way it works like a little mini sub. YOu wont be able to get much lower than 80hz out of it though. And it wont have the low rumble bass to it. You will get some decent punchy bass out of it though.

          And if you go with a nicer set of components later on you can amp them and get an external crossover for them. This would make your ride sound real nice.


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            Alright thanks for all of the info guys, it's been really helpful =)

            This is my current plan now:
            4-Channel Amp (50W RMS x 4) ~$45.00
            Pioneer 6.75" 2-Way Speakers (60W RMS) ~$100.00 [Rear Deck]
            Kenwood 5.25" 2-Way Speakers (60W RMS) ~$50.00 [Front Door]

            I would say this is going to give me a pretty nice system. I will also enclose the 6.75's in boxes in the rear to help improve bass response.

            Can I get any comments/suggestions on this setup?

            - BeeZm
            2000 Mitsubishi Mirage 1.8L DE Sedan


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              My suggestions

              You shouldnt spend more on the rear speakers than the front speakers!

              Also, consider looking for a small subwoofer with that $100 for your rear and just dont get anything for the rear. Maybe get a 10" sub or something. Then, you will have the bass you want, and will still cost the same amount that you are planning for.

              Of course, I dont know what kind of amp you are getting for 45 dollars, hopefully a deecent used one, and the above comment about the sub was assuming you can bridge two of the 4 channels so that you can put it to your sub (unless you got a dual voice coil sub ).

              And if you do go with a sub, then I assume you would want a ported box tuned to 35hz or so (depending on the sub). That probably means nothing to you, so if you are thinking about this route, I can explain a little more.

              Final note, even the front speakers should be enclosed for best response (even if you have a sub, its better to enclose them).