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Proper way to hook up your carPC outputs to the amplifier?

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  • Proper way to hook up your carPC outputs to the amplifier?

    I'm almost done with my project and it's come time to buy some cabling, so I was gonna pick up the audio cables at the same time. I do not have an amp yet but it's probably just gonna have the RCA inputs (red/white). Are there any car amps with a digital-in anyway? I have this USB Sonica Theater 7.1 with too many outputs

    So what adapter am I gonna need?

  • #2 you would need something like that. Doesnt have to be that fancy either, I am sure you have a few around your house

    And their are amps with digital in, but I dont think you would notice the difference (but I may be wrong).

    By any chance are you part of LOD? It makes me happy to see Mark VIII owners. I myself am thinking of a Town Car over a Mark, but thats just because I can get a newer Town Car than MarkVIII.


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      use what mbuchman posted but if u dont mind the quality get some cheepo cable insted of the monster cable one... if ur gonna have a sub amp and a 4 ch amp just run the wires the right way basicly sub output would go into sub amp input and front output would go into input 1 on 4ch amp and rear output would go into input 2 on 4ch amp... or if u dont even care bout the front and rear just run one wire from the front output to the 4ch amp and get a female to 2 male spilter and connect it into ur amp and ur set same signal on all 4 speakers and lows on the sub amp have fun!!


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        Using that cable, which output does the 1/8" plug end go into? Surround L/R ?? The reason I asked about amps with digital-in is not for the sound quality really, but the ease of just plugging into one output.

        mbuchman, yeah i'm on all those Lincoln forums. If you're looking for a "newer" car I think you'd be happy with the 98 Mark 8 (last year). It was way ahead of it's time with features. Don't let the 1998 model year confuse you. Even many 2005 luxury models aren't as fancy with all the electronics and stuff. You can get a nice low mileage one for around $12K now.


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          put the sub amp wire in center/sub and the 4 speakers in front l/r out /headphone and that shud work fine u can just wire it up and mess around to c how it sounds and if u like it or not


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            Great! Thanks guys.


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              Would this work?
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                yes, i have millions of these...not really but it feels like it...
                I had a perfect quote to go here,
                but hell only knows what I did with it....


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                  works the same way as the y cable just for this u need rca to rca cables to attach to the ends but same concept