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2 outputs into 1 input at the same time

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  • 2 outputs into 1 input at the same time

    hi all i finally got my carputer running well. apart from one niggly problem im using a audigy 2 zs but in my car im using only a 4.1 channel setup (no center speaker) when i set the audigy to 4.1 i loose my sub channel for some reason. and also playing a DVD it doesnt feel like its in suround sound. but if i set it to 5.1 i dont hear any voices or anything because i dont have a center speaker. wat im wondering is if i can feed the signal form the center speaker into the left and right for my front stage amp AS WELL AS the normal left and right inputs. any other way of doing it?

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    If you can't find any software solution, what would be the best option, you can use an external mixing solution as described here .
    You can use the simple "mixer" with the two resistors.


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      Y- cables of both the 2 male to 1 female and 2 female to 1 male variety, are a good way to mix channels.
      (All done)
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        oh ok so its ok to feed to outputs into one input using Y-splitters??

        sorta like this
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