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USB Audigy2 NX wiring

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  • USB Audigy2 NX wiring


    I have a stupid question about my Audigy-device that I will install in my car...

    The idea is to install the M10000 under the passanger seat and install my 7" touchscreen in my center dash and run a USB-cable to the trunk where my audigy is to be installed along with my amp.

    My concern is the grounding of the complete system, the audigy and the amp does not need to use the same-grounding point as my pc since the audio is going via USB(digital?) to the audigy(which feeds the amp) right?

    I used to have problems when using the M10000 built-in audio if I did not use the same ground-point on the PC and amp since the audio-signal was analog from PC to amp....


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    i have not messed with external sound cards but just ground the pc to ur chassie and ur amps to ur chassie and u get the same grounding point technacly thas how i have it on my car and i dont get anyyyyyyyyyy whine what so ever


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      You need to use the same ground point to avoid current induction between different power inputs. But to power Audigy NX you should use DC-DC SWITCHER inverter (may be with isolation) to avoid noises from computer itself and car engine. Don't put Audigy to Amplifier inputs too close, minimum 20cm.