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  • Hissssssssss

    Hey yall just got my PC installed today, and everything went pretty well, BUT my used to be crystal clear sound system now has a huge hisss as soon *** the amps come on, this hiss is constant , i have no engine noise or anything.

    heres my specs :

    epia m10000

    sound card is philips aurilium usb going directly into the 4 channel amp.

    anybody have any expieriencwe with this? Im great with car audio but this is the 1st carpc install for me ....

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    I know jack about car audio but perhaps the audio output of the carputer is set to 100% and the amps are really sensitive to it? Like, perhaps they only need it set to 10% to get a nice clear signal.

    Try turning down the PC volume and see if the hiss is reduced.
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    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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      what is your computer volume at?

      normally i get a h iss when its at 100% as well as some crackling at high frequencies, so i generally set the computer volume to around 75-80%, and turn the anolog control on my headunit (assuming your using a head unit)

      another possiblilty is to check to see if all the connections are firmly in place, on the amp and soundcard.

      try uninstalling and reinstalling the soundcard drivers.
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        double check ur wires and ur grounding points my old pc sound card used to be a fruit wit me - had to mute everything but wave and master to get rid of the damn hiss


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          also try muting the mic input. If no microphone is connected mute it.

          edit: just reread the post above this, guess i just repeated what you just said
          I wish i knew how to do fiberglass work...


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            Well thanks all for the suggestions, I went a lil crazy, I made a short ground wire from the motherboard mount screw, to the back of the case screw, then ran that to my grounding block, ran the power ground to the grounding block. Then i put in-line ground isolators in both lines going to my amps This got me to a point where theres only noise when the car is cold started, and is only until the PC powers up. Most of the noise is gone i when the car is powered up and is gone when the usb sound card powers up.


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              incase the noise comes back try going to any car audio place and buying a ground loop isolator. This gets rid of any noise coming out, one side is an RCA in and the other an RCA out. so it should work, i actually used it in my car and all noise is gone. Its probably engine noise your getting. Had same issue after my PC install. Cost about 15 bucks.


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                I had really bad noise and thought a new soundcard would fix it. I ended up getting an SB Live! card and that reduced the amount of hiss by 50%. After muting the LINE IN, the noise dropped by about 90%.


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                  I ended up pulling the usb sound card out and running directly from the CPU with ground loop filters in the rca's going to the amp and its gone now, thanks guys!