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    I was thinking that i was gonna go with a CL external USB sound card with rca/outs to save space in my case. Now im thinking i might ditch that idea and just go with the Audigy 2 ZS pci for the superior quality. I see alot of both here. Whats the general idea on what works better??? help! =)

    Oh also, does that card have rca/out or is it like 2.5mm. And if its 2.5mm is there any sound deg with the adapter as apposed to the straight rca's???
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    If you're going analog go with the Audiotrak Prodigy 7.1LT. Way better DACs and sound plus it can be used as a low profile card if you desire. The Creative cards are the best gaming card but not for music.

    If you're going digital (Optical, etc.) go with the Audiotrak Prodigy 7.1LT. Has the TOSlink built into the card and is a TRUE digital throughput not like the Creative card.
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      hey thanks! im looking into that. I dont know why i didnt find this card before. And thanks for being the only 1 to reply to me!!!
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        There's also the M-Audio Revolution, similar to the Audiotrak card. Based on the same chip, I believe. Downside to the M-Audio and Audiotrak and other ICEnsemble-based cards is that they have no hardware mixing capabilities, so anything special like front/rear channel cloning has to be done in software.
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          I bought a Soundblaster Audigy2NX (itīs the USB version) and it sounds ok for me. BUT THIS ******* USB ADAPTER WONīT WAKE UP AFTER HIBERNATION OF WINDOWS XP. it keeps quiet until i reboot the pc. i read a lot of posts claiming this bug, no driver and firmware update helps (or did i miss anyting?), so i plan to return this soundblaster. now i think about a PCI version and would like to know if anybody can confirm that a PCI version definitly wakes up after windows hibernation AND keeps it settings such as audioeffects, eax and so on...