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Connecting portable mp3 player to car speakers.

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  • Connecting portable mp3 player to car speakers.

    Hey guys, here's my situation. I had an aftermarket Sony deck installed in my 95 Plymouth Grand Voyager and it was recently stolen. Now, I would like to know if there is a very cheap way that I could just connect my mp3 player directly to the car speakers. (my mp3 player is a Rio Carbon... only has a headphone out jack, no line out)

    I did some searches for an answer but I have not found a clear answer. I am not overly concerned with audio quality as long as it sounds decent. My main concern is that it is cheap (hopefully just buying some type of adapter.)

    Also, I am not intersted in being able to power my mp3 player using the car, just play the songs off my mp3 player.

    I am pretty sure this is posable with an amp from what I have gathered, but I would like to find a solution that requires no amp or head unit to be purchased.

    Also, if anyone has an answer for me, I know very little about this stuff, so please try to keep it simple when explaining.


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    the amp in mp3 payers is tiny, enough to run headphones, maybe smaaaaaaaaal speakers, but to run you car speaker off it you will need an amp, then just connect the headphone socket to the line in on the amp.
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      Without a amp you will struggle buddy as the output is so small. If you dont fancy forking out for a amp get a cheap head unit with aux input


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        Thanks alot, that cleared thing up.


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          just get an FM modulator (y)
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            Originally posted by elmo
            just get an FM modulator (y)
            He has no HU so what is he gonna pick the signal up with ??

            Check out the boss equaliser I posted links to in this thread...
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              cheers mark, that kind of tells me to read posts properly from now on... but im still going to stand by my statement. get an FM modulator haha
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                Elmo, an FM Modulator won't help as he doesn't have a headunit. If you read his post, you'll find that his stereo was stolen.

                Cheapest solution, seriously, is to do what fletcher said. Buy a cheap head unit that has an auxillary input. Make SURE that it's straight RCA in, I bought a Kameleon years ago for my first carputer that advertised it had aux in, but it wasn't until I went to install it that I realized I needed a $50 part. Bleargh!
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                  giving it a try


                  Wow, I know I'm reviving this thread, but I was really encouraged by what markbuts3 and fletcher 5555 said.

                  So since I'm tired of getting my car broken into, I'm gonna give the boss ava-1404 a try so I can hide the amplified equalizer and take my mp3 player with me.

                  I ordered it and a new stereo harness for my 99 altima.

                  Any tips from you guys as I wait for these items?

                  and advice from your experience would be greatly appreciated.