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  • speaker connection question

    i recently hooked up my stereo and carputer in my 2004 volkswagon golf. I bought a 4 channel amp ( ). I want to know if i I could hook up the front and rear driver side speakers to channel one and the front and rear speakers of the passanger side to channel two, because I want channel three and four to be hooked up with a pair of subs (didnt buy them yet). Right now i have each speaker at a seperate channel. All my speakers are 4 ohms. Im not sure, but i think there has to be 4 or 2 ohms going coming out each channel and if i hook it up in series it will be 8 ohms per channel. If I hook them up in parallel there will be 2ohms. I think i can do 2 ohms but I am not sure of that either with my amp. on that link for my amp it says "150 watts RMS x 4 at 2 ohms" so I am thinking I can. If I can, how do I hook them up in parallel. can someone help me do what I want to do if possible? if anyone has any questions about my installation, feel free to contact me, my carputer works awesome.

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    Yes you can do that but you will not have front to rear fade. Also connecting them in parallel will be fine. The drawback is no front to rear fade and no control over the gain between front and rear. It would be best to get another amp for the subs but it is totally fine to hook it up the way you want.