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Phoenix Gold or Alpine? Any experienced?

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  • Phoenix Gold or Alpine? Any experienced?

    I'm looking at putting a system in my VW Bug, I'm thinking all alpine or all phoenix gold? If I go Alpine, I was wondering if anyone had experience with the Alpine amp MRP-F240 ? It claims its 4x 40 RMS.. Anyone that could tell me anything about that would be appreciated or if you don't think it owuld be big enough to run a set of components and a set of 6x9's in the back recommend a different alpine amp. I like my music loud and full of bass.
    ~H. Charles

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    ... but yet clear. In my explorer I currently have a pioneer deh 7600mp, infinity kappas, and 2 audiobahn subs wiht a A275HCT amp pushin "1200 watts" rms... I'd like something a little louder and more clear for speakers the subs are about the right size.
    ~H. Charles


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      I have alpine amps and think they'er great. very clean, very efficient. I have the MRV-F540 4 ch for my mid range and tweets and a MRV-T420 2ch pushing one Perfect 10.1 sub.

      The 4 ch doesn't even break a sweat pushing my infinity kappa components and 2-ways ... but the 2 ch it cranked to give the 10.1 enough juice. Sounds good tho.

      I haven't used PG amps tho ... so can't tell you.

      As for if your 4x40 will be enough, it all depends on the specs of the speakers. you want your amp to be able to match the speakers. In my opinion it's better to get an amp that's too powerful ... you can ease off on the gain, and have some room to grow.

      If you like it loud look for more than 40w per channel.

      If you like bass you will need a sub. You simply can't get sufficient bass out of components without blowing them
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        The Alpine amps are really quite nice IMO... especially for the price... if you end up going with Alpine amps, I have an MRD-M501 sub amp up for sale on eBay... its brand new, never been hooked up, not a refurb, and I'm make a smokin deal on it if you are possible interested. I was going to use all Alpine amps in my system but got another great deal on an Arc Audio five channel amp... so I'm streamlining things. If your interested, lemme know... later!
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          I definitely planned on getting a sub, but im only looking at Decks, speakers, and a speaker amp right now. I've interested int that amp coachreed I'll be in touch within 24 hours.
          ~H. Charles


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            Do not buy the MRP models. Stick with the MRV's or MRDs...

            Are you looking at brand new or used?

            If used, you can pickup a MRV-F400 (true 4x40+) on ebay.. or a 3554, old school 50x4.. around $100 or so.

            The M501 shown above is an excellent amp.. Not a bad price either.

            Im going all used alpine in my truck setup, which will be:
            RMS ratings as they will be used:

            Old school 3522 for center channel
            MRV-T420 rear speakers
            MRV-T757 front speakers
            MRV-1005 Subs

            The speaker amps are overkill, but i look at it this way.. its better to have the power and not use it, then be crankin the gains wishin you had more!! The amps run cooler, and put out much higher quality sound if you arent pushing them hard. (ie using a bigger amp and keeping the gains down).
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              PG all the way!
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                Both or good but I would stick with PG. Many people like to have matching amps and PG also makes good subwoofer amps. I would consider PG better than alpine. Alpine is definitely an overhyped company. There isnt anything special about them but they arent bad. 40 rms is good just make sure your speakers arent that power hungry.


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                  Ever consider running one 4-channel amp in 3 channel mode? Channels 1&2 fronts, 3&4 bridged to a sub. May be more rewarding than running rear speakers esp. in such a small car. You really can't go wrong with either brand... they each offer products to fit anyones budget.


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                    Anyone here sell and install both Alpine and Phoenix in their store? I do. Those of you thing PG 'rocks', haven't seen my (huge)pile of pg warranty pieces waiting to go back for service. PG lines for years have been nothing but grief... QS, XS, Tantrum, Octane R. imo... JUNK. Unless you like paying more money for inferiour product that likes to blow up...then it's awsome.
                    But thats just my opinion.


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                      I was gonna say - to call alpine overhyped is a bit....of an uneducated comment maybe??

                      there is a reason a company like Alpine has the status that they do. It's because their products are outstanding in terms of build quality, sound, reliablity, support, etc, etc, etc

                      I could go on and on about that

                      if you JUST look at the basic numbers then sure, I can see where you would say that PG is a better company....but the sad truth is that basic specs don't really mean jack when it comes to car audio....

                      if it were me and my car, or any system that I were recomending to someone, I would bypass the PG and go with alpine any day of the week.....but that's just me....apparently I expect a little more out of my time/money/equipment than everyone
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                        alpine is no where near a high end company people just hear the word alpine and associate it with something that is good. It is a mid level company similar to rf. Although PG did have a few problems with a line of their amps they did correct this problem. Alpine only makes outstanding headunits and signal. Their amps and speakers are not on the same level at all. And i dont go by basic numbers othewise i would be saying legacy is good.


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                          PG off course..


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                            I'm thinkin I'll go Alpine they seem to be the only company that has an all around general consesis of superiority, theres no one that rags on them just people that think there are other better options. Also they seem to be the only company that makes every component of a system for a reasonable price.
                            ~H. Charles


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                              I'd like to know where you got the idea that Alpine makes things for a reasonable price. There are a lot better setups out there nowadays. Also, Alpine is heavily considering ditching the consumer market altogether and going strictly OEM.

                              Pioneers are better headunits. Infinity and Polk are better speakers. MTX, Audiobahn, and many others are better amps. About the only decent thing they had were Subs, and now that they went from Type-R to Type-S, even that's downhill.