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Head unit or PowerAmp?

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  • Head unit or PowerAmp?

    Hello everyone, I'm in for a question, I have Pioneer DEH p5100R which has built-in subw controller, and from what I hear radio quality is quite poor from a pc card (I got an asus TV-FM card) so I wanted to keep the radio from the head-u. The HU gives out 50Wx4 which is already enough for me.

    Now I am about to relocate my headunit to the oddments tray (above the glovebox) but before doing so I wanted to ask your opinion. Should I do it this way or send everything to the rear of the car, buy an amp and crossovers?

    Answers will be very appreciated.

    I will be using the HEADUNIT - AUX to amplify the soundcard stereo output.
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    If you are looking for any kind of quality volume you should use an amp.


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      thank you
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        only 1 answer?? omg!!
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          I am using a headunit and am quite pleased. It is nice to be able to control the volume with a real button.


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            Im gonna use a power amp, because i dont need any of the functions in the HU...

            You can get more power at less money if you buy a power amp, and if the volume knop is so importent, i really like this one
            It can be programmed for almost everything


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              50W is Peak power not RMS power so you are more likely listening to somewhere arround 30W when the volume is cranked up. Most HU can't give you clean sound past the 75% volume mark as they start distorting.

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