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Please help me get rid of the engine whine on my iPod...

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  • Please help me get rid of the engine whine on my iPod...

    Hello, I am new here (first post) but have been lurking and trying to research my problem. I have gotten a lot of great info but am still a bit unclear as to how best to fix the issue I am having.

    I recently purchased the Arkon CM170 iPod Mount to use in our van. I am using a Monster Cable iCable (mini phono to RCA) to connect the iPod to the Aux jacks of the factory DVD system. I am getting a small amount of engine whine (just enough to be noticable and distracting). If I unplug the Arkon mount and remove the iPod and power it via a Belkin Auto Kit but keep the Monster cable as it was, the whine goes away.

    I should add that I had to modify the Arkon mount in that the arm was not long enough since the power socket in the van is down near the floor. I simply purchased a DC power adapter with an "M" type barrel connector from Radio Shack. I cut off the auto adapter (the end that goes into the car socket) and soldered the end to the wires in the cradle end of the Arkon unit. This allowed me to plug the auto adapter bit of the Arkon into the van's socket and the mount the cradle in a convenient place plugging the two bits together with the Radio Shack cable.

    From what I have read here I am guessing this is a ground loop problem of some kind but I am not sure if ground loop isolator will work or if I mucked something up with my mod of the Arkon cradle. Any help / advice will be most appreciated!! TIA!


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    May be a ground issue. OTOH, buy something that isn't an iPod (lol, staunch iPod hater here). But, try and see if the power wires are close to the signal wires (RCA), or open the adaptor and solder two wires to where the terminals were (Positive is the middle, ground being the outside) and wire them directly to the power wires for your radio
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      I had engine and other noises. In my case a PAC SNI1 Ground Loop Signal Isolator done the job. I had try other ground loop isolators (more expensive) without success.

      I hope this will work with you too.
      I had bought it from ebay, cheaper than here:


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        There is an article about ground loops in the FAQ Emporium.
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