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  • Audio on E38

    Hi all,

    I finally got everything up and running(i'll post some pics in the worklog section tomorrow cause it's 23:22 here) and it is soooo awesome. But I thought I could get away for the sound with an FM transmitter. Turns out, as you all guessed, it sucks . So now I'm looking to do something else.

    I want to keep my headunit because if I don't, I don't have any radio plus half of my controls for other stuff stop working. You see in the E38's everything is connected with each other. I tried disconnecting my headunit(which in my E38 is a stupid cassette player) but then nothing works anymore. So I ended up cutting every wire from it and making it longer(soldering 20 wires twice for less then 2 feet of wire) so I could put my HU in my glove compartment. The other stupid thing is because I have an E38 from '94 I can't find an audio in converter for my headunit.

    I signed up for beta-testing on the other thread which can add an audio in on the HU AND interface with steering wheel controls. I hope it will solve my audio in problem. But I'm afraid it won't work for my '94 E38.

    Ideally I would like to install an amp, keep my HU, I don't mind losing the CD-changer if necessary, HU doesn't need to go through amp, amp is fed from PC. But I can't see any solution for this, without ending up with bad sound again.

    I searched and searched but it seems every post in this forum has 'HU' 'head unit' 'amp' 'audio' 'in' or something like it in it, so I can't find any threads that solve my problem.

    btw, system:
    - epia MII10000, hdd, cd-dvd, wireless,...
    - M1-ATX
    - external USB sounblaster live
    - motorized in dash unit

    Install: 90% complete