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Strange static noise and high volume level

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  • Strange static noise and high volume level

    I have a Epia MII 1200
    terratec cyynergy 600 tv/radio
    sound blaster audigy 2 zs (sound blaster live 24)
    DC-DC converter + ITPS on a travla c137

    A 450w rms sound environmental setting on 4+1

    When windows xp start to initialize the sound card i can hear a boring static noise.And i don't understand why the sound level is so high.
    With amp gain at 25% and PC sound volume 25% i can't stay on car,and that damn static noise.
    I have try with a sound blaster live 24 but nothing change.
    I have try with a HiFi cd player and the sound is clear and beautifull and the audio level is not so high.

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    ya it dose that, the best way to fix this problem is a delay circuit, so that it delays it turning on of the amp and that way you dont get that noise.


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      thanks for your words,reading your words seems an easy thing....
      But i really don't have any idea of what it is or where i can find 1.

      Or if i plug a extigy, can i fix this problem?