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Trying to setup a system and need recommendations

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  • Trying to setup a system and need recommendations

    Just need your guys recommendations on Speakers. I listen to all types of music
    Rap 65%( Jay Z, DMX, Down South Club music as well)
    Hard Rock 10% (like Korn,slipknot, etc.)
    R&B 10% ( Sade,Carl Thomas, etc.)
    Classic Soul 15% ( Old school music)
    My dilenma is I dont know what sub to use? I Like alot of bass but not all the times. So I guess that I would like a sub to have the ability to hit really hard but not enough to annoy me. I have had Infinity perfect 10" before. But it didnt hit hard enough for me and rap & rock.
    Whats better ported or sealed for my uses?
    What ohm subs should I be looking @? 2 or 4
    Which do you prefer 10's or 12's?
    Also should I go 6 1/2 or 6X9 for my Mids? I like clear mid not super bassy Mids.
    What Speakers do yhou guys prefer?
    Is it worth chopping up my rear deck ( CAR IS SC400) to get the 6X9's to fit?
    Should I use a componet for the Back?
    I Like really loud Highs for some reason. Loud and very clear. And can Take a beating because I usually Listen to my volume maxed quite often. Something to get inside my doors ( I already have 6 1/2's in there already.
    Is a component System woth it?

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    A ported box is better for SPL ("loudness"); a sealed box is better for SQ (sound quality).

    A 10" is better for SQ, though a 12" will extend the lower frequencies better.

    2ohms vs. 4ohms : If your amp is stable to 2ohm, you'll get more power out of the amp at 2ohm than 4ohm (GENERALLY twice as much at 2ohm than 4ohms). Some argue that 4ohm will sound better due to better control, but I'm not convinced.

    If you want truly good sound, don't worry about the rear speakers. For good imaging, you really want the sound stage in front of you, so any sound from the rear will pull this back a bit. For this reason, many folks (myself included) remove the rear speakers completely. Of course, if you ride with folks in the back seat a lot, you won't want to do this.

    Save the money that you'd spend on upgrading the rear speakers and put that towards nice front speakers. If given the option, go for 6.5" coax or components (better), as you'll get better midbass (frequencies above that covered by the sub, but below that covered in the 'midrange') than with 5.25" speakers.

    Do you have an amp for the speakers (not just the sub)? If not, then I wouldn't be concerned about speakers "taking a beating", since most head units only put out 22w RMS (the claim of 4x50W is for MAX power -- RMS is limited to ~20w in most cases). If you get a nice set of fronts, you'll want a ~50w RMS per channel amplifier (or however much power given the speaker you choose).

    Before anyone argues with me, read the first two words in this post. There are always exceptions, but GENERALLY SPEAKING, the above holds true from my experience.


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      Only question left is What's your budget?

      Originally posted by WxGuy1
      2ohms vs. 4ohms : If your amp is stable to 2ohm, you'll get more power out of the amp at 2ohm than 4ohm (GENERALLY twice as much at 2ohm than 4ohms). Some argue that 4ohm will sound better due to better control, but I'm not convinced.
      I know what you mean. Match your sub and amp to eachother, not the sub to the amp. If the amp is 600W @ 2ohm, get a sub that can handle that much power and wire to 2ohm. If your sub is 2ohm DVC 1000W, than get an amp that does 1000W @ 1ohm. You want to run the amp at the lowest impedence (usually) to get the most power out of it.
      And it does sound 'better', but only on paper. People put too much thought into specs and not enough into install.
      Now, if you wanna go the Car pC route, this is the right forum for you. You can surf gay porn, listen to all your copywright infringed music and use GPS to find your way from one end of the driveway to the other -J187


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        I truly want SQ over a loud sub sounding like a$$. So Say I would like to go with two 10's in a Sealed box. What subs would you recommend. I like Infinity for price and my last perfect 10 sounded better that my pioneer 12. But I was looking at specs and they where saying that almost all the infinity are only great @ 4 ohms? The one amp I am looking @ is the audiobahn A500T 748&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW
        the 2205 is very nice but out of my price range and has perfect Specs here it is Can anyone recommend any tens ? As for components I am also leaning towards infinity 6.5 for my doors. Anything better? Does anyone know of a center channel speaker I can use? I dont even know where to look for them. I think I will kept the rears in 6.5 our 6x9 be a good rear speaker. I have 6.5 in there know and its loud but does have any Mid bass really. And the Sound isnt crisp and the pioneer speakers distort @ max volume. I am running them off my deck right know. Deck is 60X4. I am going to run straight off of a amp in my carputer setup. And would a capacitor be a wise investment? Would size would you reccomend with the above amps and a carputer. Oh yeah the Car is a SC400. Thanks