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  • bmw/mini sat nav

    just wondering if anyone here knows anything about the bmw/mini sat nav systems? i want to hook into mine to use as a second screen, which should be possible, with the right cabling.

    what i was really wondering is will the sat nav work with a copied DVD, and could i for example edit the dvd image and put my own POIs in there (speed cameras for example)

    thanks in advance


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    You know you want to rip it all out and put one hell of a CarPC in there!

    Come on, do it properly! ;-)


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      hehe well i was thinkin of puttin the carpc screen in underneath, and using that screen to display videos/other stuff.



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        What are the inputs on the Mini screen? are they bespoke connections??? I'm sure there will be a converter available, however, it may be cheaper to obtain a different screen.


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          hmm well i want to keep the standard SAT NAV, cus it has the computer (mpg range etc) on there, i seen tv tuners that allow video inputs ( but it 404s for me at the mo) but i cant find prices.
          the only price i did see was more than 500 that cant be right!

          ill keep looking



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            well if anyones interested i found a TV tuner with Aux in on but its over 500, thats no good!

            there is a reversecam available for this car though, that uses a switching box to switch between cam/sat nav, so im thinking of grabbing one of those, and hacking it up.

            does anyone else have any suggestions?




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              Less expensive composite input available, looking for RGB switch

              The rear-view camera kit depends on a video-control box, which also has to be purchased. That control box alone is not nearly as much as the TV kits, about 200 Euros, and can be used to patch in a composite video signal. Mike Craven explains how to do it in an article on .

              Video Input for MINI

              Depending on whether you get the video source's power from the reverse light, the parking brake wire, or just a 12v supply, the video works while you're in reverse, a complete stop, or whenever the ignition is turned on, respectively.

              He set his up with a couple of relays so the rear camera overrides any other video input when he's in reverse, and can choose whether the screen displays another video source or the Sat Nav system.

              What I've been looking for, and I think you are too, is a way to patch into the analog RGB input on the display. Some kind of switching box that passes through the Sat Nav video but switches to the computer when its output is on, or just a simple switch so I can select it manually.