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Looking for opinions on 4 channel amp and component speakers.

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  • Looking for opinions on 4 channel amp and component speakers.

    i am looking for opinions on a 4 channel amp and 6.5 components for front doors. and 6.5 coaxials for the rear doors. these are going in a 99 escalade. same as the 97 98 99 tahoes and yukons. same body. i was thinking about mounting the woofer of the component in the stock location and fabbing the tweeter in the upper part of the door ( right behind the screws for the sidemirrors) they slip right off so i can fab them right in with fiberglass and bondo. would that be a good place to put them? or mount them closer to the woofer? also i want nice CLEAN not looking to spend 5k for a set of speakers lol more like 100 to 250...i would like the amp to be as small as possible so i can hide it in the stock bose amp location and preferably be very powerful and clean to power my components and coaxials. ive only dealt with pioneer coaxials and infinity coaxials before. i know alot of you have delt with others. please give me some insight on what you think was nice and clean. btw im also running a 150w bass tube for bass. ANY INPUT would be greatly appreciated. i searched but i really want feedback on personal experiences. im looking at the following brands..

    jl audio
    mb quart(cheaper ones) not 600 bucks lol
    diamond audio

    if you have good experience with any other brand let me know please...ALSO IF YOU HAVE SOME FOR SALE LET ME KNOW!
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    anyone ever deal with nakamichi? how are they?
    i got dat ***** sittin on 22s! SUPERMAN EDITION!


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      Originally posted by EsKALad
      anyone ever deal with nakamichi? how are they?
      Back in the 80s Nakamichi had the best components going, although that could be disputed, I'm certain.
      I don't know about recently, however.

      I'd be willing to bet they're quality products.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        for about $300 you can find some good Focals
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          I have the entry level CDT components and really like them. CL-61As w/silk tweeter, upgraded the crossover to the SatNet-560. Rear fill is two more CL-6 midbass (Mid in the comp set)... Cost was around $200 total for the comps + rear fill, then another $60 for the upgraded crossover... Very warm and smooth with just enough detail. People over at were giving CDTs rave reviews and I felt like gambling, so I ordered the CDTs and was pleasantly suprised

          Don't how these would work in an SUV, since the cabin in my maxima is quite a bit smaller.

          I auditioned some focals (A,W,V2) and really only liked the V2's, but not $450 worth of liking Also auditioned the infiinity (Basic, Premium, Perfects) and didn't like any of them.

          Go to some local audio stores with a mix CD and test some of them out...


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            I have 2 sets of Alpine R-Type components (front & back)...I can tell you that for the price they sound very nice, but if you are willing to spend a little more, the suggestions above are probably a better choice. As for the amp, I have a Kicker sounds great. I was really surprised at the sound quality and power on this amp, it is definately worth a look.

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              thanks for all the input guys....i just remembered i have a 4 channel alpine amp... i think i might use it cuz its clean and small ( will fit in stock bose amp location) and i heard some pioneer 4 ways my friend bought and they sound awesome.. i think i might buy them cuz i can get a hookup on them...however i still wanna do think it will sound good if i run tweeters off my headunit?
              i got dat ***** sittin on 22s! SUPERMAN EDITION!