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  • output speakers act as microphone

    Hey guys! Last night i was engineering an accessable on/off switch for my microphone. When i had it in the off position I realized that something was still picking up my voice. Come to find out my right front door speaker is picking up my voice and acting as a microphone.... an extremely good one too. It also has sound coming out when I play music. I'm at a loss with this one. This is causing NaviVoice to go into loops. I'm running on windows 2000 professional. I have the output from my motherboard and the stereo running to an EQ using Y RCAs. From there it runs to my Amplifiers, 1 amp for subs, 1 amp for door and rear quarter speakers. Im using the onboard audio on an ECS K7400 motherboard. Thanks for your help.

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    correction KT600-A motherboard


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      ok... figured it out. I accidentally selected another source for the microphone setting in Control Panel. I set it back to the onboard audio and issue went away.