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3 source wireless headphones

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  • 3 source wireless headphones

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has every seen wireless headphones which can transmit 3 different sources simultaniously?

    I want people at each screen in my system to be able to listen to a unique source on the headphones. I've seen 2 source systems, with 2 headphones and each one can select either channel, but I've never seen 3 source.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    post a link to the 2 source
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      There are a few out there, but this one looks pretty good. But as I said, it's only 2 source, and I really wanted 3 source as that is what my av selector has.


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        I have thought about addiung something like this to my car although what i would want is for the passenger to listen to music with the music being muted over the speakers or the driver to listen to music or GPS directions at a lower volume while headphones get the DVD or video game.

        Sorry to threadjack but how would that be accomplished? You mentioned an AV selector. any info you want to post on that would great too. I am going to google it right now
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          This should cover it for you:

          Also here:

          Donw near the bottom of the page, more un-wired products.

          for multi source wireless headphones


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            Hey thanks Dudes99. I would prefer RF however, since it will be hard to get line of sight for 3 different positions at once. Also, any ideas if that IR one is able to transmit from the different sources simultaniously? I would have thought IR would have trouble doing that.

            antimatter: Hey no problem. Glad to talk about my system. (well, system in the works anyway lol). My av selector is a jensen KSW43. There's info on it at It takes 12V power and has 4 inputs and 3 outputs, all standard rca. Also, each output has a ethernet connected remote, to select between inputs. Each output can display a different input, or share the same one. I don't know how to make it automatically mute the headunit like you were asking about, but I'm sure you could figure out a way. My plan is to have it set up so that if my HU is on aux, the audio that matches the front passenger screen will play over the car speakers. But let's say the driver wants the radio, the passenger can still watch a DVD by using the headphones. Also, the backseat screens can watch the same movie and everyone can listen on the car speakers, or 1 backseat can watch a dvd, another can play xbox, and the driver can listen to mp3s off the carpc using the front passenger screen for input.

            Hey, if you like my av selector, I'll sell you one for $60 CAN plus shipping.

            Btw dudes99, I did . That's how I found the 2 source ones


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              I was just telling you what I Google'd for.

              What about this in addition?


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                Cool. Thanks.

                That seems like the front runner right now, though if anyone has an RF solution, please let me know. Now if I can only find it for a more affordable price....