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Amps power up AFTER computer is on and still pops

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  • Amps power up AFTER computer is on and still pops

    Okai, ive had my carputer setup for about a month or so now, its all working good.
    Im using ewf and horm.

    Ive got two switches i built into my dash, one for the inverter and one for the remote power for the amps.

    So i flick the power for the inverter and this turns the comp on, comp boots up in 8 seconds and is in frodo player.
    Now when i flick the switch to turn the amps on, i still get a pop noise.

    From what ive read, if the computer has booted up you shouldnt get a pop.

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    So no one has any ideas why my speakers are still popping?


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      sounds like the pop (turn on thud) you are talking about is coming from the amp. Some amps (mainly the cheaper ones) have this problem. Better built amps have a soft turn on circuit that takes care of this. I don't think there is much you can do about it.
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        mmm i really dont think cheap gear is the problem.
        Im running Focal splits, Phoenix Gold sub, Alpine V12 amp for splits and an Earthquake amp for the sub... not the most expensive gear you can buy but definitely not cheap.

        Besides its a problem with the computer because it doesnt happen when i take the computer out of the picture.


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          Sounds like you have a bad ground somewhere. if you hear the pop when you turn on the amp, check the grounds for everything. If it stops when you take the Compute out of the picture, try checking the grounding on the Computer. Try grounding the Computer to something new!


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            How exactly do you ground the computer? just connect the case to the chassis? or do i have to get inside the psu?