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  • Audio system planning, need help!

    I am trying to help a friend figure out what needs to be done for connecting his audio system together, and we are both not exactly audio system experts, so I could use some help figuring things out for his car.

    He has a small 2 door car, with 2 speakers in the dash, and 1 speaker in each door. He has a subwoofer in the trunk. He has a 4 channel amp, and a mono amp.

    He has a carputer with and audiotrak prodigy sound card, capable of up to 7.1 channel sound.

    Here is what I came up with:

    Run the sound on the pc in 5.1 channel mode, and ignore the rear channels.
    Connect a 3.5mm->rca splitter to the front channel output on the pc, and connect to channel 1 & 2 on the 4 channel amp.
    Connect a 3.5mm-rca splitter to the center+sub output on the pc; connect the left side (center output) to an rca Y cable and run to channels 3 and 4 on the 4 channel amp; connect the right side (sub output) with a single rca cable and run to the mono amp.

    Wire the left/right speakers to channels 1/2 on the 4 channel amp, and the dash speakers to channels 3/4 on the 4 channel amp, and the sub to the mono amp.

    Im attaching a rough diagram to this post to illustrate.

    I really dont know if my proposed layout is right, so I would really appreciate any knowledgable feedback you audio guys can give me.

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    Thanks Moon...

    This is my proposed setup, some feedback would be great. The car does have rear speakers, but I clipped them long ago when I replaced the head unit and put the sub in.. The rears sucked and I don't feel are necessary to the setup.

    I have nice eclipse door and dash speakers.. 5 1/4 and 3 1/2 respectively.. and a single 10" JL W2 sub in a box in the trunk.

    The 4 channel amp is an eclipse, I really forget the stats on it, the mono amp is a jbl 300w... [email protected] ohms... the W2 10" sub is a 4 ohm speaker..

    I'm so not an audio geek.. so hopefully we have provided all the necessary info.


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      I've heard of turning off the rears, while I dont reccomend it, I understand why.

      Someone correct me if I'm horribly wrong, but you should only need one center channel speaker. They layout you have right there would be 6.1 if you included your rear speakers, but didnt power them (follow what I'm saying?).

      I would ditch one of those center speakers you have up there... Let me draw up a diagram of what I think should be correct...

      someone double check, I could be wrong also, but from what I know, this is a 5.1 setup
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        I thought 5.1, 7.1 etc refered to the # of channels, i.e. fl fr rl rr center, with sub being the .1. Since center is a single channel, the thought is to run it to both dash speakers to collectively be the center channel since the speakers are already there in the dash right now. If one of the speakers was just ignored in the dash, wouldnt that sound weird? The speakers are basically located in the corners of the dash.


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          Yeah.. I don't want to ignore the $79 eclipse dash speakers... I know they are only 3 1/2" speakers.. but they sounds pretty nice for their size. And yes, they are at the corners of the dash.. The idea was to use them on the "center" channel.. but split that signal to both left and right dash.

          I'm not worried about surround sound here folks.. I just want it to sound decent.


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            Hmm I think I get what your saying, You want to run both your dash speakers to the center channel, Oh Got ya, sorry misread your diagram, though the wires were supposed to line up through your amp. yeah it should work. Those are not tweeters right? if they were tweeters I would say run through the front port rather than center, but your right. Sorry about the confusion
            Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
            Kenwood X790 x/ iP500 Ipod Interface
            Elemental Designs 13Kv.2 D2
            CDT ES-620 (omg yayay!!!1)
            NINe.2X, NINe.2


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              Yeah.. they are not tweeters.. I forget the actual specs on them.. they are brand new fujitsu ten eclipse 3 1/2"s...


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                Alrighty.. here are what the dash speakers are..

                Hopefully somebody here can provide me the insight that I need.. I hope to have my stuff up and running in the next 2 weeks.... The pc is built and mounted.. the amps and subs are wired and tested.. just need to run the dash speakers to the amp and get that setup.. and then get the correct outputs for the pc.


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                  This stuff is getting hooked up, hopefully this weekend... I guess I'm going to hook it up like slated by moon and see how it goes.


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                    I think this is how you should plug them this way both are stereo.


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                      What outputs do I use from the soundcard for that setup?

                      What is the "sub" channel?

                      And are you saying the dash speakers should be the "rear" channel/output from the soundcard?

                      I'm really having difficulties getting this to work... right now I'm on 2 speakers.. Front channel, door speakers.. I guess the other adapters I got from r-shack don't work right or something... I was splitting to mono and then splitting to dual rca's from that.

                      Right now, I just want all my speakers to work.. heh...


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                        On the soundcard (if its 5.1) you will have : Rear Out , Front Out, Center/Sub Out (or something that looks like that).

                        So to get the sub channel, you get one of those 1/8" stereo phono plugs to double rca, and check both rcas for sub, connect that to the amp.(to check it, plug it to a speaker and change the volume of the sub chan in your os).

                        Has for saying to use the rear output , I think you can make the computer output 2.1 in 5.1 (by using the same sounds for front and back).


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                          Sorry to have left such a vague message... I was at my wits end with the audio last night...

                          After a short conversation with a friend online today.. and another one with a co-worker... I figured out my problems.. it was a variety of things... first, somehow my sub amp wasn't being powered properly... cable snafu.. then I realized that I had a mix of mono and stereo adapters in there... Thanks radioshack for having things on the wrong shelf... but I suppose it's my fault for not reading the labels closely or looking at each end to verify it was what I needed.

                          A short trip back to r-shack and I have all the proper adapters... It's setup how Moon initially depicted it... software set to 5.1 with no rear channel.. the fronts are the doors and the center is the center and sub is the sub... it's all happy go lucky now.. just have to tweak the eq and amps to my liking...