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    In my carputer im running and M1-ATX power supply. It has a built in amp remote switch that turns on the amp after the computer starts. It works fine but I still get a popping noise from my speakers when windows boots up. The amp turns on right before windows is done loading. The problem with this is that I had another amp hooked up and it worked fine before. I didnt move any wires or anything like that, I just took out the old amp and put the new one in without moving any wires around. Everythings grounded correctly so I know its not that. Any suggestions?

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    I had a similar situation with turn off pop with my first real car audio setup. Everything worked fine but when I threw my Orion Concept 97.2 EQ in the mix I rad into trouble. What I ended up doing is put a small 400uF capictor and a diode in line with the remote wire before it went to the amps/eq which elimited the problem.

    You're having the opposite problem however after some googleing it seems the same thing could be used to prevent turn-on pops and delay the turn on of that device.

    Dave Navone has one you can buy for 16.00 at or there seemed to be a schematic at where you could build one if I remember correctly.


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      Cool thanks


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        volum3rider, did that work for you by the way?
        My 2003 Vibe GT