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Soundcard + Epia PCI Question

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  • Soundcard + Epia PCI Question

    Hey all,

    I'm looking to upgrade my audio... Epia M10000 onboard just isn't cutting it.

    The common upgrade is to use this:

    But why not use this?:

    Or this, for that matter?:

    The internal soundcards say they require PCI 2.1. I haven't used the PCI slot on my Epia, but I couldn't find anything in the documentation that proves to me that it's PCI 2.1.

    Is there any reason to think it isn't? Is 2.1 so standard that they dont even bother mentioning it anymore?

    The internal audio card (even the cheaper of the two) looks like it has more features than the USB version, and I would think it gives better sound. Plus it doesn't use up any USB bandwidth.

    Thoughts? Thanks!
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    I would suggest the USB external only for reasons where Iíve had problems with other computer noises when I used any PCI sound card or the built in M10000 audio (You may not have that problem though). I would get hard drive clicks and such on mine. I like my external USB because I can run the USB unit near my seat and I can plug in an external Line In for an Ipod or plug in headphones so I donít have to listen to some of annoying DVDs my niece and nephew like to watch when we travel HAHA. As for USB bandwidth I have my GPS, Sound, Touchscreen, keyboard, Linksys G wireless and CDRW all going though USB and I havenít had any bandwidth problems yet. Also the sound coming out of mine is very good.

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      Same as Specimen get a USB sound card. I have the Audigy 2NX.

      It is great I use the digital out to my H/U. It has volume and mic control so I can adjust it easily.

      It sounds awsome, very clean no sounds at all other than the source so no pops, or crackles or hiss no matter how loud you crank it.

      Also as you can see by my signature have tons of stuff running USB no issues.

      The software is not a strong point however, not meaning the drivers but the applications that allow you to interface with it. You get a million different programs however they look tiny on a 7 inch screen, there is no way to make it larger that I have found. Tweaking can be done, but not while you are moving and you will need a mouse.

      There is an other USB sound card that supports a higher frequency in digital that people on the board use as well the name escapes me you will have to search for that one.

      Also not all people have had the same success with the Audigy 2NX. Read up on some of the challanges they have come accross.
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