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CarPC audio problems

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  • CarPC audio problems

    Just a few questions about carpc audio. I have already installed my carpc in a e46 2003 bmw limousine with no amp and just bmw radio business CD in the front. I put the radio in the glovebox extending 17 pin iso adapter cables. I have aun aux input in the radio. What I have done with carpc audio was to run a single stereo cable from the trunk to the front where I have the aux input and connect that cable to it. I have tested the audio and it was terrible. A lot of RF noise. I have read all the posts about carpc audio installation and I have a few questions that maybe you can asnwer me:
    1.- Does the SVEN4 installation work with no amp? I would like to know if I can connect the SVEN4 LOC to my radio harness and send the 4 channel RCA to the trunk. Will I need a amp to do it?
    2.- What type of coax shielded cables do I need? is it better to run the audio cables far from all other carpc ones?
    3.- RF noise can be reduce grounding all cables to the same ground point? Does SVEN4 black cable have to be grounded in the same point?

    Well, I am a bit frustated beacuse I have spent a lot of money in the installation and audio does not work well and it is a key point.
    Thanks in advance

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    Any help to these questions?


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      Have you tried runnning the cable outside the car? This is a good way to tell if its the cable that bad or its picking up rf interference somewhere in the car. The other thing you could do is plug a portable audio device like an mp3 player into the input in the trunk...but don't run the cable right away. Slowly run the cable with the mp3 player still plugged in as far through the vehicle as possible. When you start to hear some noise, run the cable in a slightly different direction.