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  • Audio Noise.

    I currently have my car computer running a 4 ch amp and a 2 ch amp for my subwoofers. When my computer starts i get a huming sort of noise out of my speakers. It is always on when the computer is on but it is not the amp because I have run that off of a head unit before. My setup is that my comp is run off a inverter in the trunk and it has a 5.1 sound card installed. Just wondering if this is invertor noise or something else. Thanks

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    There are many reasons why there is a hum noise. I'm going to guess it is due to distortion from outside sources. Both a PC and a Inverter generate electric disturbances around them and that is what distorts the sound. I'm sure you've had a cell phone next to a speaker and it made sounds before. It is the same concept. Try having the speaker wires further from your setup, see if that helps.


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      Ok ill try that thanks.


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        Does anyone know of any sort of emi shielding for cables that I can add or encase my psu and inverter in. Just looking for a solution, and it seems its only happening to my rear speakers dont know if that helps. My computer and inverter are in my spare whell well with the amp about 3 feet away threw 3/4 inch mdf and padding and carpeting.


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          I don't know if this is the same thing. But get a ground loop isolator from radio shack. It fixed my humming.
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            chances are real good its a ground loop. an isolator should help you out a ton.