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Ipod in car sound problem

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  • Ipod in car sound problem

    hey i put an ipod in my car a week ago and it has one of those cupholder stands for it and i got the cable that charges it and puts out the signal so you can play it thru your car's radio (i used to have a different mp3 player in my car and i got the i river transmiter for that mp3 player and it worked amazingly) but now the monster ipod cable (which i payed $70 for) has a staticy signal and i dont know what i can do about it caus if i plug in the iriver transmitter it buzzes the whole time caus of the two signals or somthing does anyone know how you can make it have less static my antena is in my front winshield so it is only like 2 and a half feet away from the antena too any help?

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    it's just something you're going to have to deal with if you aren't willing to get rid of the FM modulation

    this is a COMMON problem with both the Monster Cable and the Belkin one

    no matter what you do (short of going away from FM modulation), it's going to be noisy
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