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  • Need help with Audio selection

    Hi Guys,

    Not being terribly knowledgable when it comes to audio equipment, I thought I'd ask here if anyone can offer me any suggestions. I have just bought a smart Roadster which includes the "sound upgrade pack" which basically is crap! I want to eventually remove the HU and replace it with a Mac Mini but I need to prep the audio system first. What I want to do initially, is buy an amp, sub and new speakers and run my ipod as the input until I get the PC installed.

    The problem with the Roadster is that it is "very" restrictive on install space. I am going to buy a Clarion SRV303 integrated sub to mount behind the seat (not much else will fit there).

    Basically I need ideas on where to go from there. The Roadster has door speakers and also tweeters and other speakers in Bass bins under the dash. I was looking at the MB Quarts as replacements.

    What sort of amp should I buy? I would like a bit of power but more importantly it needs to be as compact as possible. I want an amp which will drive the other speakers from the speaker jack on the Mac mini (via a splitter) as well as have some sort of pass-through for the sub. I am willing to budget for something of reasonably good quality so feel free to recommend brands/models.

    I was originally looking at using an external soundcard to drive the amp but unless it has an optical input and I can use an M-Audio Transit, I cant spare the space.

    Any feedback/recommendations/criticisms greatfully recieved.


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    Really depends on what kind of brand you like. As Red GTi, she seems to know the best, at least I think she does.

    I prefer (I'm only 16) MTX, Alpine, and JL Audio. Now there are a plethera of differnt brands out there, I only reccomend these three because I have used them. Look at my sig you'll see what I a using in the way of Subs. MB Quarts are very good, I've heard nothing but good things about them.

    Search the setups in the Show off your ride forum. Several awesome setups there.
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      Well I can tell you (hopefully) on thursday for sure, but I chose to go with Power Acoustik gear. It seemed the word was good quality for your buck, not the best but also not the cheapest.

      But like I said I install on thursday so can't say for sure until then =D
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