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Install on thursday, this a good plan?

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  • Install on thursday, this a good plan?

    Heheh copied from my other car forums =D I don't like to do that but yea if I typed it all out again it would be basically the same thing so might as well

    Thanks for any help guys! I really appreciate it!

    Okay I know I have asked alot and I am going to ask more =D

    The tricky thing is I have basically all day thursday to do my install, I work all day Friday (as I do tomorrow) and I leave saturday morning at 5am. What does this mean... I literally have all day thursday to make this work! Which leaves little wiggle room, and no way in hell I can make a 5+ hour drive without sound! lol. Anyway if you could read over my brief plan and let me know if it sounds good, and if there is anything I should expect to run into!

    My setup is, a basic wiring harness to move my stock HU to the trunk (probably free floating/velcro for now). I will do the stock AMP crossover. Then a Pioneer DEHP something will get installed using one of those double din adapters that is oh so sexy.

    Next my Power Acoustik OV2-1600 (or whatever it is) will get bolted to the seats (not quite sure about this yet, since my setup is temporary I'm not sure I want to bolt anything down yet, but on the other hand doesnt look like I have a lot of options). And my power acoustik FUBR 12" is going in a standard MDF box.

    Plan is to make the MDF box with just over a cubic foot, no terminal just sealed wires. Use standard MDF sealed via wood glue and screws, inside seals (i guess except for the front one) will be siliconed.

    Then RCA output goes from the HU to RCA input to the new amp, and the amp runs from the terminals or whatever to the sub (which is dual voice coiled so not positive yet on wiring that but I got the manual here somewhere). That is one question, can I do (dont see why not) RCA in and standard terminal out? There is RCA out but the sub isn't RCA'd.

    Then the new HU will be running the stock speakers and just wire those like normal.

    Okay, sound like a solid plan? Anything I can expect to run into? Or got anything wrong?

    Oh and I have a 4-gauge power acoustik wiring kit as well which comes with my ground wire, fuse, and everything so I should be good to go on wires as well!

    I guess the only thing im not sure on is wiring up the new HU. I got the instructions but like if it says to wire to the accessory or whatever so I can use it with car in "ON" but not started, where would I find that? I am assuming the stock HU is all nice and just one giant plug without any explanations lol, and not sure I can tap those (let me know if I can, and if there is an explanation somewhere online of those wires/connections) or not. I am also assuming (though I also assume if not it will be obvious) basically one end of the wiring harness plugs into what is currently plugged into the HU, and the other end goes into the HU lol.

    THANKS! =D
    James Radcliffe
    [email protected]

    Planning (Phase I)
    |||||++++++| 40% Making Final Pre-Purchase Plans
    Car Stereo (Phase II)
    |||||||||++| 80% - Building box, getting ready to wire
    Carputer (Phase III)
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